Bizarre inhabitants of the deep sea
The film is not loaded and after a long wait gives "video file did not download"? There are two possible reasons: 1) the Server on which this film is overloaded,…

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How to choose aquarium fish
Many people have a variety of Hobbies. One of the easiest and less time consuming ways to get the aquarium fish that don't require hours of daily care. Observation of…

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Fishing in Norway

N Norvegia is a unique country excellent fjords, magnificent mountains, glaciers, colorful lakes and mountain rivers. It has many natural resources. But its main pride is considered waters of Norway. Because they inhabit a large and selective fish.

Local fishermen prefer these types of fishing: sea, river, fjord, lake.

In Norway the most popular sea fishing. But for our anglers for some reason she is little known. But on this fishing trip you can go completely at any time of the year. Because the sea year-round ice-free from Stavanger to tromsø, as it has the warm Gulf stream.

But for the trip to Norway the Norwegian visa required for fishing, the Country is in the Schengen community, and with citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries require a visa. Documents for registration can be submitted at the Visa application centres in Norway in Kiev. Continue reading

Forward, on predatory fish!

Catching predatory fish in the local waters – it means to be a generalist and use different fishing methods. Be it toothy pike, pike-perch with glass eyes, a large catfish, or hunting flocks perch, they all have a lot in common: their favorite food is other fish. You might think that it is enough to attach the hook bait and wait, what of the predatory fish, they will be interested. Today, big pike, perch tomorrow, and the day after acne. But, unfortunately, not so simple. Despite the insatiable appetite of predators, they have their hunting habits and favourite places of residence. While pike lightning attacks the victim from ambush, the perch hunts in small groups. Uses the same tactic and perch, but it is much smaller and the fish on which it preys, has its own characteristics.

Or, for example, som: large specimens can reach a length of over 2 m. this fishes huge mouth, which it can easily swallow a fish weighing over a pound. Acne, prowl, swim near the bottom, where they hunt other aquatic fauna, while actively hunting on the other fish they put on infrequently. Continue reading

Salad “gold fish” crackers fish

Want to decorate your Desk, regardless of the celebration or ordinary evening? Salad “gold fish” crackers fish is great for any occasion, but it is better to cook in late autumn or winter, as used to create it, the ingredients home-summer pieces.

We are talking about homemade salt pickles, it is known that saline with his own hands or the hands of a caring grandmother or mother, cucumbers have the best flavor, delicious crunch, which is very handy for the preparation of this salad.

But Women’s website Orekhovo-Zuyevo found on one of the cooking blogs interesting recipe is a marinated cucumber plate. you can try to add in a snack.

What is needed to prepare the salad:

1 jar of any canned fish (saury, tuna, trout depending on your preference Continue reading