known for their sharp #teeth. The locals used the piranha teeth for the manufacture of knives. Piranha Piranha is a dangerous threat! Piranhas live in South American rivers. Fish piranha…

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To settle on the aquarium. Marine fish.
The first two weeks in the system was the rapid development of heterotrophic bacteria feeding on organic waste products of marine fishes . The result is what appear in water…

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Free game – Shark

Typically, sharks are considered extremely dangerous animals, and call it being an ordinary fish is sometimes more than difficult. This is not surprising, because, just look at the size of that “fish” and the number of teeth in her mouth. Indeed, virtually all species of sharks are predatory animals. It is immediately noted that there are about 450 different species. However, there are sharks that are as food prefer small fish, plankton, who lives in the water, etc. in Other words, some sharks are natural purifying devices for water. As it turned out, sharks can live not only in seawater, i.e., salt, but also in fresh waters. However, this ability is given not to all representatives of this genus of animals. In this game we will talk about predatory sharks that feed on large species of aquatic creatures.

Moreover, sometimes they are not averse to eat people if they are nearby. The game shark is one fish mysteriously swam in the waters of the river called Thames. It flows through London which is the capital of great Britain. At this time you have to control the movements and actions of a huge predatory sharks. She’s probably pretty hungry because ready to lash out at everything animate or inanimate that will meet on her way. Apparently,people in London were clearly not prepared for this unexpected meeting. They peacefully walked around the city, some even swam in the river, went boating and water scooters. Out of nowhere, from the bottom of the river appeared a shark, that is, you, and immediately began to conduct deadly attacks.

Your task in the game is pretty simple. Only need to try to earn more points. As a result, it is necessary to destroy a large number of people, as well as various kinds of objects, which will meet on your way. Naturally, the police of the city will not sit idly by, and immediately basic to the river all their troops and military detachments. By the way, the time in the air flying helicopters, airplanes, balloons, airships, etc. Gaining more speed, you can, for example, to grab the teeth of the wheel plane, and drag it to the bottom. This will also bring you extra points. However, beware of nets that will often be lowered into the water to catch toothy enemy. A good game about the shark!