Fishing for giant ocean fish
Fishing giant fish — fishing threat. Huge swamp of matter, speed devil hulks, giant predators of the deep — the most interesting specimens to study science, people and just the…

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Catfish (Frozen fish)
Wels catfish (Silurus glanis) large fish, reaching 5 m length and 300 kg weight, inhabiting rivers and lakes of Europe from the Rhine to the East. To the North of…

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Som. Fishing for catfish

Com belongs to the family somovyh . This is a very large freshwater fish, which was a legend. Catfish grows so large that there were cases of attacks by these fish to Pets and even humans. Catfish has a cylindrical body of elongated shape. Color catfish can have several shades, depending on the water body in which it dwells. Som can be almost black or light yellow, like burbot. But mostly its color is brownish with a greenish tinge. Inhabits Europe, in the Aral sea basin in the European part of Russia.

The maximum weight of 500 kg;

The maximum length is 6.3 m;

The maximum age is 120 years.

Best spots to catch catfish

The best place catfish certainly are holes. Som loves the cool water and the depth that combine holes on the bottom of the pond. The river, which is found in catfish, do not have virtually any holes that are not hiding this predator. If You can not find the pit on the pond, You should just watch the water. Soma often give themselves away with loud bursts, especially this occurs during lightning storms. The splash of catfish is hard to confuse with a splash of fish because with this kind of power is second to none. And splashing so soma directly over the pits, in places of its Parking lot.

Best bait for catfish

Samalova on a variety of baits and even spinning. But among the best are the following:

The most common bait for catfish is live bait, frog, and Nightcrawler. On live bait and a frog caught larger individuals. But some anglers specifically catch sparrows, roast them to smell and use as bait. This bait is very effective but not popular due to inaccessibility.

Besides catfish you can catch any other animal food — chicken giblets, sausage, pieces of fish, pieces of chicken, pieces of meat, crawfish, etc.

The best time for catching catfish

Catfish is a nocturnal predator that is most active at night. Day catfish resting in the pits, not paying attention to any tasty bait, the angler throws. Fishing for catfish begins in the evening and last till the end of the morning.

Som not caught in the winter and when the pond is covered with ice. Therefore, as soon as ice disappeared, you can go in search of this river giant.

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