How do I Choose Compatible Tropical fish?
The best way to choose compatible tropical fish is to start doing some research. Information about which species are compatible, easily accessible, reading books, researching online or asking at a…

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Tropical marine fish
Classification of fish. Fish are the type of chordates, which also includes amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. This type is differently subdivided into taxa of lower rank. The following system…

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Types of aquarium filters

Assuming that novice aquarists often have trouble with choosing the right filter for the aquarium, we present the most popular filter for small and large aquariums.

Internal filter

Internal filters are the most simple. They should be placed inside the aquarium and fixed to the glass suction cups or special hooks. Water is absorbed in the lower part of the filter passes through the filter element, which is used as a foam or synthetic cotton wool, and then released at the top of the filter. Emerging jet is directed at the surface of water in the tank and thereby effectively enriches the water with oxygen. This type of filter is recommended for all aquariums. The extent of their advancement this filter may, in addition to mechanical filtration of water, and contain a biological filter.

Currently gaining popularity cascading filters. The filter is attached to the outside of the aquarium. Here the container with filter cartridge is located outside the vessel. In the middle of the water is pumped from the aquarium through the intake manifold to the filter. Then the water is drained back into the aquarium through the pallet. This type of filter is recommended for all aquariums. Especially recommended for aquariums large volume, in which water movement is not desirable. Can act as a mechanical filter with a biological function.

The advantages of cascading filters:

– low price;

– low energy consumption;

– does not occupy space in the aquarium;

cartridges with a larger capacity compared to internal filters.

The disadvantages of cascading filters:

– not all aquarium covers are designed for installation cascading filter. In most cases, you have to cut a hole in the lid.

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