Catfish catfish clingy or clingy

In General, large catfish and Remora are most inclined to free life, often travel without assistance. Many small catfish live almost hopeless Remora, sucker, mouth in whales, sharks, manta rays, and again between the gills of sharks Macedonia and other large fish.

Columbus in 1494 and set anchor off the coast of Cuba, seen catfish hunt with the hangers on the turtles. In our days this hunt with “hunting fish” described by many researchers. Catfish adhesion to the custom of the fishermen of Torre owl Strait, South China, Venezuela, Cuba, Mozambique and Zanzibar. Catch any fish, even sharks, but mainly sea turtles. And the aborigines of Australia hunted with clingy catfish and dugongs.

Start with the fact that they catch in the sea catfish Remora. Then he pierce a hole in the tail, pass through a long thin rope and tightly tie it around the tail. The second, shorter, the twine is passed through the mouth and gills of catfish Remora. So two “moorings” and towed catfish Remora at the side of the Shuttle.

Seeing the turtle, loose short “Svatovo” and pull it out from the mouth of the catfish Remora, and long tail, the rope unwound at full length. Stuck embarks on a chase. Catching a turtle and sticks to it.

Anglers will learn about atempo tension Lin. Carefully pick it up the slack. Closer and closer come the boat to turtle. There is usually one of the fishermen dives and binds to the turtle if it is very large, another rope that her and hauled into the boat. But if the turtle does not weigh more than 30 pounds, it can be pulled out of the water with Remora, not more rope and binds.

Shestistrunnoi catfish stuck can be lifted out of the water, pulling on its tail, the turtle, weighing about 29 pounds. Usually for hunting turtles eat a whole “bunch” – a few stick on one line. Together, they are capable of holding the largest turtle (one weighing several quintals, caught hangers, trailed by a six-meter sailboat two miles!).

The aborigines from the shores of the Torres Strait to pay respect to catfish prilipalo. Somik nag smarter person – that is their opinion. If catfish is not clingy sails from the boat and doesn’t want to anything to cling to the living, they say that unhappy day, hunting will not, and return home. If not moving where they would like, they do not interfere with, and follow catfish clingy and almost never do not regret it. Catch still turns out bad, because this live tackle knows his business.

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