Aquarium fishes – a complete encyclopedia beginner aquarist

Encyclopedia aquarist: My Pets – aquarium fishes- the Russian version is very easy to use, detailed and informative guide to the content of aquarium

Amazing electronic encyclopedia containing detailed information on nutrition and care of aquarium fish, with descriptions of fishes, with advice on maintaining the health of plants and fish, recommended requirements and conditions necessary for cultivation in house conditions even the most delicate and demanding species in your aquarium.

Aquarium fish – download encyclopedia of aquarium maintenance, feeding, care, health, breeding.

Electronic encyclopedia aquarist, which can be downloaded by the links below can be a great Advisor and teacher not only for aspiring owners of fish tanks, plants, shells, etc. and for experienced aquarists who already have their own experience in the aquarium maintenance and breeding of aquarium fish.

The encyclopedia contains four main sections – food, care, health and breeding of fish. In turn, each of the sections of the Handbook contains its own subsections, conveniently sorted by topic, level of difficulty and importance contained in these materials.

main menu encyclopedia aquarist

the subchapter with recommendations on the choice of aquarium

example illustrations of the encyclopedia of aquarium

In General, everything in the program organized very comfortable, simply and clearly, starting from the introduction of the colourful and fascinating world of the aquarium, its contents and maintenance, to detailed descriptions of species of aquarium fish and their characteristics, the necessary conditions for comfortable stay of fishes in the aquarium and professional methods and techniques of reproduction.

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Following a clear step-by-step instructions guide, with its colorful color illustrations and professional tips, even a beginner can properly maintain your aquarium, with full observance of all requirements and conditions necessary for those species of aquarium fish and plants, which he directly and settled.