Goldfish in the pond

Goldfish (lat. Carassius auratus auratus) subspecies of the freshwater fish of the genus carp. Her ancestor was domesticated by the man in the VII century ad, and is one of the most popular aquarium fish, presented to a group of breeds of domestic aquatic animals, obtained as a result of centuries of hybridization and directional selection individuals with certain accidental characteristics, resulting from mutations. One of the obsolete naming all home and pond “goldfish” was “gold carp”, derived from General scientific systematic names, Carp.


The history of breeding goldfish Asia has at least a Millennium and originated from children’s hobby to collecting in which the housing was offered and developed in cages, in pens, in wells, in tubs and barrels for all small and medium animals — as the first kind of Pets at home.

The first written mention of the Golden fish with red scales came from China during the reign of the Qing dynasty (265-420 ad). In those days, these fish were spotted in a lake in the mountain Lushan, near the river of the City — near the modern province of Shaanxi, which flows to the South China and Northern Vietnam. In ancient Chinese treatise Shan Hai Jing, presumably napisannomu the late centuries BC — the beginning of our, there is also a record of the “red carp”. However, there is absolutely no certainty that these wild members were the ancestors of today’s goldfish. It is assumed that the red coloration was obtained as a result of purposeful breeding work first pet lovers and falls on the reign of the Tang dynasty (618-907 years of the new era).

After 960-x, — already during the song dynasty, goldfish, along with many other animals, have become popular household Pets swimming pools. This period is perceived by the beginning of the domestication of goldfish and their satellites — objects and subjects of the water element. Originally, this decoration of wealthy houses and yards of rich landowners, the size of the territories that allowed them to arrange private ponds and pools with fountains.

The popularity and demand for goldfish has become a core business in mass breeding of fish and realization of human goods. Already in the XIII century there is a new kind of animal: — trade variations of the goldfish under the name “Yu-erh-Ho”. Starting from this period until the XVI century, the fish gradually move from pool to spacious aquariums are not only the very rich and nobles, but in the homes of middle class and lower class.