Catfish (Frozen fish)
Wels catfish (Silurus glanis) large fish, reaching 5 m length and 300 kg weight, inhabiting rivers and lakes of Europe from the Rhine to the East. To the North of…

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Valuehost (Carassius auratus)
A distant ancestor of the goldfish - common goldfish that live in marshy lakes and ponds in East Asia. Distinctive features Body length up to 20 cm rounded Body, with…

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Interesting facts about the Mediterranean sea

A cruise in the Mediterranean sea is very popular with tourists. This is an opportunity to visit several countries in one vacation. Here are some interesting facts about the Mediterranean sea:

The very name of this inland sea comes from the Latin Mare Mediterranea — sea in the midst of the Earth. This term was coined by the ancient Greek writer Julius Solin.

Modern computer technology has helped scientists to calculate that the filling of the Mediterranean sea occurred due to the catastrophic floods that occurred 5.3 million years ago. It is noteworthy that it was filled for two years. The article describing this research, published in the journal Nature, New Scientist gave a brief retelling.

Tectonic activity of this region caused the formation of a wall in place of Gibraltar. She was blocking the ocean from the sea that turned into a lake. Previously thought that the isthmus had a very powerful waterfall, which was considerably higher than Niagara, he filled the sea for about 10 years.

In their study, the researchers used computer modeling and the latest geological data. In the end, they found that the Mediterranean began to fill up after 300 years of drought.

Research helped to discover the isthmus of the groove,whose length is 200 km and the depth about 250 m. the Computer model showed that while water flowed over the isthmus, and then opened the chute. As a result the sea is completely filled for two years. The water level was rising at a catastrophic speed, about 10 meters per day.

The researchers argue that this ancient flood led to the fact that mankind had inhabited Europe much later, as people were forced to circumvent the sea on the East side.

Interestingly, the Mediterranean climate, characterized by moderate temperatures, mild winters and low rainfall typical of summer, as the name implies, regions located along the shores of the Mediterranean sea. However, the international classification of claims not only to them. The Mediterranean climate is observed on the California coast and the southwest coast of Australia, on the Western coast of Chile and South Africa, and also in Tuapse and Anapa, located on the Black sea.

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