Bizarre inhabitants of the deep sea

The film is not loaded and after a long wait gives “video file did not download”?

There are two possible reasons:

1) the Server on which this film is overloaded, try to look a little later.

2) you have no free space on drive C. restart your browser to free up space.

What to do if the movie constantly freezes and waiting for download

There are two possible reasons:

1) the server on which the film is overloaded at the moment (this often happens with new products when they all look the same film);

Click on pause and wait 10-15 minutes, then continue browsing.

2) low speed of your Internet channel or the channel is loaded by another process (for comfortable viewing movie recommended Internet speed not lower than 512 kbit/sec)

Click on pause and wait 10-15 minutes, then continue browsing.

What to do if the movie ends?

This problem is very common and occurs due to the limited uplink, set your default browser. To get rid of this trouble you need to:

Opera . Menu – Settings – preferences – Advanced – History and in column [disk cache] set to 2000 MB.;

Mozilla Firefox. Tools – options – Advanced – Network and in section [cache] expose 2000 MB, and more;

Internet Exprorer . Tools – Internet options – General – browsing History – Settings (and in the “amount of disk space to no more than” set to 500 MB and more);

Google Chrome this is not set, has not, clear your cache and refresh the page. Clear the cache: Settings – Tools – Delete browsing data, tick the [clear cache], to make sure that the dropdown list is selected [from the start] and confirm the allotment.

The browser uses space on the system drive, usually drive “C”, so make sure you have sufficient free space.

IMPORTANT! If after You have done all the above steps, you still STOPS LOADING the MOVIE, then most likely the connection to the server was interrupted. To resume downloading, just refresh the page with the movie. Downloaded to this part of the cartoon will not disappear and will remain in the cache, so you will be able to continue uploading the remaining part of the video file. Don’t forget that there is a rewind, which you can always start the movie playback from the desired location.

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