Aquarium catfish

Many aquarists aquarium catfish love for these small fish belonging to the order of catfishes of ray-finned class, not only pleasing to the eye with their cute whiskered faces, brightness and variety of colors, but these are cleaners, nurses aquariums, cleaning aquarium from the rest of the feed and its walls – from the slime, algae and other fouling.

To describe in one article all

this wonderful fish is impossible: collective term “soma” refers to over 3000 species from 36 families, of which more than 800 kept in aquariums across the world. So in this article we will cover the most common ones.

The most popular, classic type of aquarium catfish is mottled corydoras (Corydoras paleatus), which belongs to the family of armored catfishes. As this and other tetras hiding peace loving, unpretentious, active and not grow to a large size. Feed these amazing fish food left over from other fish, and live well with other species.

Chain mail “soma-sucker” according to its popularity is not too far behind from behind the crustacean. Originally the most common aquarium loaches catfish are pterygoplichthys (Pterygoplichthus), attracting the attention of aquarists not only for its bright, spotted color, but also the ability to perfectly clean the internal poverhnostjuv from a third-party build-up. Meanwhile, many species of armored catfish have a serious drawback: in a short time they are active fish with a length of 5-7 cm pyatidesyatimetrovy turn into giants. Despite the fact that such individuals remain peaceful and unpretentious, from its main function – cleaning glass – they often refuse.

There is another kind of fish, which, at first sight, and the catfish is not similar, but, nevertheless, belongs to the order somovs. This so-called glass catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis) is an Indian schooling fish, with a completely transparent body: any unclear or whitish streaks and spots on it are a sign of illness individuals. This is extremely whimsical, doesn’t like sudden changes in habitat conditions and would not pick up food for other aquarium inhabitants, exactly the same way as to clean the inner surface of his glasses. However, despite this, these fish, like other catfish aquarium, will bring its owners many pleasant moments.

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