Mutually beneficial relationship of the deep sea

Like many animals living on land, the denizens of the deep need in each other. These bright yellow fish offer their services to many beings sharing their marine habitat.

Sea turtle, that serve fish-shiners or yellow zebrasoma. Photo: Doug Perrine

In the photos, made famous 59-year-old photographer-naturalist Arcs by Perrin (Doug Perrine) near the Hawaiian Islands, depicts a sea turtle, that serve these fish-shiners or yellow zebrasoma (Zebrasoma flavescens).

Sea turtles, like other inhabitants of the seas, you must regularly clean yourself from fungi, different organisms, harmful parasites or algae settling on them. However, they can’t do it yourself, so use the services of these bright yellow fish.

Fish-the cleaner can easily cope with this problem. For some fifteen minutes, it is fully possible to clean the tortoise shell. — Both parties benefit from such relationships, says the photographer, — One finds food, the other gets rid of the algae that had settled on her armour, and the armour makes it more streamlined.

species of fish inhabits the Pacific ocean from the equator to the Northern part of the planet (off the coast of Japan to Hawaii), including the Marshall, Mariana Islands, Marcus Islands and Wake. Inhabits outer reef slopes and lagoons rich in corals. They mainly live alone or keep to small groups.

Young individuals lead a more secretive life, keeping protected from strong emotion areas between coral reefs and rocks. Almost all of the soy active during daylight hours yellow zebrasoma spend in search of food, swimming along the reef, eating the growing on solid substrates algae.

Very often act in the role of nursing intervention in relation to marine turtles, by removing algal film, yellow zebrasoma often take on the role of nursing intervention in relation to marine turtles, by removing algal film formed on their shells.

Nowadays the population of the yellow zebrasoma decreased significantly. Mostly due to the fact that these fish are caught for the needs of the business. According to the latest official figures, only from the Hawaiian Islands annually exported about 500 thousand copies of different kinds of these fish, and half of this total, yellow zebrasoma.

We note that Perrin’s Arc is considered one of the most outstanding photographers in the world, which relieves the inhabitants of the deep sea. His images have been published in all editions of the wild. He received the most prestigious award BBC Wildlife “Photographer of the year”.

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