The most interesting facts about the Black sea
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5 most dangerous inhabitants of the sea of Japan and Okinawa
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Fishing for giant ocean fish

Fishing giant fish — fishing threat. Huge swamp of matter, speed devil hulks, giant predators of the deep — the most interesting specimens to study science, people and just the extreme. In the depths you can find a huge, strong and even prehistoric predators. You can find such representatives, which are not known to the slightest fact. A real opportunity to explore predatory fish is available to us through the aquarium. Surprising is the fact that they are huge in size, each time increases more and more.

The most dangerous and worst are dangerous and a threat to the entire underwater world. But most often such giants as fish — Marlin the most desirable prey for any athlete angler. Catching Marlin and try to get him out, the fish starts to jump, as a result, she spends almost all its energy. Taking advantage of this moment, the fishers set on the fish label. Tags similar GPS Navigator: provides complete information on location of fish, water temperature, depth. Such labels help scientists obtain information about the depths of the seabed, biological balance, life and survival of fish.

Giant fish is a real godsend for scientists. Hammerhead shark is one of the most little-studied instances of predators. They are very chuvstvitelny magnetic fields, vibration changes of water. These sharks are very sedentary, so if you continue the movement begin to sink. This is another factor contributing to the growth of the body to maintain itself afloat. To catch this fish is very difficult, because it has huge power.

In the underwater world you can meet brainy RAB — predators. They are masked, tiptoeing on the edge of the seabed. Halibut — one of the largest family of flatfish. Some individuals grow to 2.5 meters in length and 300 kg.

Wahoo — the champion on speed in the world giant fish with a good working tail, which helps them develop incredible speed.

The muzzle, as in reptiles, teeth like a shark’s scales as armor — Panzer pike. Is representative of a prehistoric fish, is able to conduct over water up to 2 hours, this determines their ability to survive.

Recently the question arose about the release of caught fish, with the aim of preserving their endangered species. Fishers try to follow this rule. Pleasant viewing the film: “Catching the giant fish”!