Aquarium fish

Fish is one of the ancient groups of vertebrates living on Earth over 300 million years. They now inhabit most waters of the globe, despite the different conditions of existence in them. For a long period of evolutionary development and adaptation to life under different conditions has resulted in an extraordinary diversity of fish species.

In home aquariums usually contain a warm-water exotic fish. They have bright coloration, small size and habit of living at a stable temperature. Fish that do not tolerate temperatures below 18-20 degrees, are warm, but some time most of them may exist without much harm to themselves at lower temperatures.

Aquarium fish can live in the bottom layers of water, such as various catfish, in medium – size viviparous toothcarps. There are kinds of aquarium fish living in the upper layers of water. Depends on the shape of the aquarium to the content of specific fish species. Different requirements of aquarium fish and to oxygen. Labyrinth and some catfish are adapted to breathing atmospheric air and is not as demanding on the size of the aquarium. And such fish as mollies and cichlids vysokoprochnaja requiring a large amount of oxygen, can live only in large aquariums.

Aquarium fish have adapted to the conditions in the aquarium, while maintaining the ability to reproduce. However akvariumistam seeks to recreate a natural environment, characteristic of the species of fish. Good results in the content of the fish is achieved only in the aquarium, which simulates the main features characteristic of the habitats of the fish. The same can be said about feeding. Despite the availability of high-quality dry food, aquarium fish food should be varied and balanced. Only in this case they reach the size and colour typical of the species.

Upon arrival home aquarium fish need to be given to their compatibility. The first thing to pay attention to their sizes. Attempt to keep an aquarium of small and large species of aquarium fish unlikely to be successful. In some cases, smaller fish will be eaten. In addition they need and feed of various sizes. Some aggressive species of aquarium fish can be kept alone or with larger fish. It is also not advisable to keep in an aquarium of sedentary and active fish. The population of the home aquarium is not limited to only fish. Wittingly or unwittingly in most aquariums are snails. If small snails do not usually represent the values, the aggression of the fish in relation to large snails, for example ampulyarii or other valuable species might be undesirable.