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The most interesting facts about the Black sea

I think, in the Black sea swam many of our readers, and more — just heard about it. Indeed, the Black sea is one of the most interesting (and beautiful) seas in the world, including their historical significance.

1. In the Black sea is a very interesting distribution of currents. Two major currents, and that’s a huge cycles with a wavelength of about 400 kilometers. In honor of the scientist who discovered these currents, called them “Glasses of the Knipovich”.

In addition, in the Black sea inhabited only the upper layer of the water column. All because at the bottom of the sea huge amounts of hydrogen sulfide, rising and middle layers.

Life occurs to a depth of about 150-200 meters, and then, as has already been mentioned — hydrogen sulfide. It reacts with iron, attached to the anchors ancient mariners black. Maybe that’s why the Black sea got its name.

2. In the Black sea quite a few species of living organisms. Their only 2500. When compared with the same Mediterranean sea, there are as much as 9000 species of living organisms.

Of 2500 species, only a 4 — marine mammals. They presented the dolphins (two species, one of which is called “black sea”). It is also found, although rarely the harbour porpoise and white-bellied seal.

To be honest, the seal itself is learned only in the process napisaniya the article. I never thought that in the Black sea there are seals. Maybe some of you met them?

3. In the Black sea there is only one shark. which is found more or less EN masse. This is Katran, which is also called “prickly shark”.

She is quite shy, rarely coming to shore. Among other things, Katran never attacks people (including because its size is very small).

The dorsal fins of this shark uses to protect from attacks, they, fins, fitted with large spikes impregnated with a poisonous substance. For a man shot this spike is quite hard to make.

5. The black sea is a geologically active region. On the Crimean Peninsula, there are places where the surface are so-called “mud volcanoes”. And really, it’s education, small volcanoes that spew out of themselves heated to a high temperature dirt.