5 most dangerous inhabitants of the sea of Japan and Okinawa
Going to Japan on holiday or for permanent residence, should know and remember about the five most dangerous Japanese sea creatures. Because sooner or later you will want to take…

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Interesting facts about the Mediterranean sea
A cruise in the Mediterranean sea is very popular with tourists. This is an opportunity to visit several countries in one vacation. Here are some interesting facts about the Mediterranean…

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Films about sharks

harks are one of the most dangerous species of fish. They can kill a person in minutes, let alone a defenseless next to the giant fish. They are as bloodthirsty as a piranha, if you count all the teeth, it will more than three hundred. Agree, these teeth can bite through anything. Despite the fact that they are dangerous to humans there is little risk so as to shore they swim rarely, but there have been occasion when the shark was taking the lives of people near the shore. And although sharks are a threat to humans, they at the same time very useful, because the meat and fat shark is considered medical and they say the fat can cure cancer. Sharks feed mainly on fish (at one time they may eat a whole shoal).

For this and much more about sharks that you can watch online for free in this section of the website “films about sharks” which contains a list of the best movies about these fish. Despite the mortal danger that threatens people. sharks are caught, examined and they attract adventurers. Someone wants to see what they are, someone wants to study them, and others just ponder a plan of attack. No matter who and what purpose pursues them, or on the contrary they are persecuted. Sharks are known for several species, but all of them have the title of the killers. If you look them in the mouth we can see a lot of teeth, weird teeth, the teeth of death and horror.Probably due to bloodlust and the healing properties they so interesting to people. About them, even movies that you can view right now on our site at a well-known online, but unlike other sites, where you do not need to pay money. after all, watching the best films about sharks is completely free. But if you choose from the list any film. you will realize that they are all the best. Documentaries, movies, news, horror stories, horror – we have the film, even for a gourmet. Watching horror movies about sharks – you will understand that it is really scary looking and artistic and documentary – that was informative.