How to choose aquarium fish

Many people have a variety of Hobbies. One of the easiest and less time consuming ways to get the aquarium fish that don’t require hours of daily care. Observation of aquarium fish helps strengthen the nervous system.

When you choose aquarium you should consider that a little aquarium is less convenient. It must often be washed and cleaned. The fish in a small aquarium will include less. Small young fish may not reach their normal sizes in a small space.

The best choice would be an aquarium of 60 liters. This aquarium is easier to create the right biological balance. The number of fish is calculated based on their length. 1 cm long fish needs to have 1 liter of water. A greater number of fish you can keep in an aquarium equipped with a compressor.

Choosing a place for the aquarium in the room you need to consider some subtleties. It is impossible to put the aquarium in direct sunlight. Make sure the aquarium is not in the draft and not at the door.

There are many types of aquarium fish:

Viviparous. These fish produce viable fry about. Fish feed on dry and live food. The main representatives of this type are swordtails and guppies;

Barbs.Omnivorous fish are undemanding, easily propagated. The most popular representative of this Sumatran barb;

Goldfish. For their cultivation requires quite a spacious aquarium. Some fish centenarians. Undemanding fish, eat both dry and live food;

Labyrinth. Get along well with peaceful fish species. Popular representatives of this rooster and dwarf gourami.

In General, when buying fish it is important to choose young and healthy specimens. These fish seem to tolerate the change of residence. One sick fish can expose the infection to all its neighbors in the aquarium. Better to buy fish at the pet store or from friends. Fish food is also recommended to buy in a pet store or bird market. In any case acquired the first fish put in a week in a quarantine tank.

If during this time signs of the disease appeared not to bump the fish in a common aquarium.

To keep the fry in advance you put the pregnant female in a separate aquarium. If this is not possible, add to the General aquarium bottom more plants so that the fry were able to hide from adult fish.