The shark liver oil: instructions for use
Description of vitamin a shark liver oil is intended for informational purposes only. Before using any drug consult your doctor and read the instruction for use. For more information please…

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Free game – Shark
Typically, sharks are considered extremely dangerous animals, and call it being an ordinary fish is sometimes more than difficult. This is not surprising, because, just look at the size of…

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To settle on the aquarium. Marine fish.

The first two weeks in the system was the rapid development of heterotrophic bacteria feeding on organic waste products of marine fishes . The result is what appear in water ammonia and ammonium, whose concentration quickly reaches a maximum. It is very unpleasant, but a natural phenomenon is called and can be detrimental to aquatic life. That’s why, to avoid the risk, tender fish species inhabit the aquarium only after a month or two after system startup of the biofilter. As nutrients in the form of ammonium in the substrate begin to develop nitrifying bacteria converts it into significantly less toxic nitrites.

At the third or fourth week, the concentration of nitrites reaches a maximum, which also, despite the decrease in ammonium concentration, it is dangerous to aquarium inhabitants. In turn, the bacteria of another species, consuming nitrites, gradually reduce their concentration, and biofilter begins to work normally. It must comply with one prerequisite – oxygen mode: the oxygen content of the water should be close to saturation. This is achieved by use of active aeration.

Water change in aquariums mandatory, monthly slezootdelenia 25%, which will ensure the health of your pet. It should also be remembered that the used in the treatment of aquarium fish antibiotics equally pernicious for pathogenic and nitrifying, that is helpful bacteria. Therefore, in order not to violate the mode of operation of the biofilter, the treatment of marine fish diseases with the use of antibiotics is best done in a separate quarantine vessel. The same can be said about the use of copper compounds, which are harmful to delicate marine invertebrates, and if your tank has sea anemones and starfish, be careful not to destroy them.

Treatment of water with ozone and ultraviolet irradiation in special devices – sterilizers, will help to reduce the spread of disease in the aquarium. Lovers, not afraid of these difficulties will be rewarded with amazing, spectacular marine life aquarium.

Red tail catfish
Phractocephalus red (Phractocephalus hemiliopterus), redtail Catfish or a Red tail catfish – aquarium fish of the family Pimelodovye or flathead catfish. Habitat In Nature, Red tail catfish lives in South…


Types of aquarium filters
Assuming that novice aquarists often have trouble with choosing the right filter for the aquarium, we present the most popular filter for small and large aquariums. Internal filter Internal filters…

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