5 most dangerous inhabitants of the sea of Japan and Okinawa
Going to Japan on holiday or for permanent residence, should know and remember about the five most dangerous Japanese sea creatures. Because sooner or later you will want to take…

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Dangerous marine life!
In the Black sea there are marine creatures to be aware of every vacationer because they are unsafe for humans. Stingray or sea cat, fish length up to one meter,…

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Breeding fish in the pond

As a forest should be full of beasts, the pond – fish. Hectares of land may not look full of Paradise without the fish in the pond.

For zarabiania ponds it is best to get fish in the middle or at the end of March and beginning of April; the later time due to warmer weather is not suitable.

It’s best to buy zarubok in nearby farms or nursery, from which, if he is very close, the fish can be transferred to a large bucket or tub. When transporting or carrying Sariska water is necessary from time to time to refresh, pouring a thin stream falling from some height, or immersing in a vessel, in which there are fish, often a woven basket or strainer and quickly removing it again-Water flowing down in small streams, the saturated air and again becomes fit for respiration of fish. For the same purpose it is useful to take an ordinary garden watering can. This procedure of refreshing water should be renewed every time, as it will be seen that the fish float to the surface and greedily swallow air, and repeat several times.

The question often arises, how many fish can be kept in garden pond . There is a rule: at least 50 l of water for fish the length of a finger. But this is only a check digit. Not nuzhnozapisat that fast-growing fish outgrow this size.

Just bought the fish it is impossible right now to put in the pond. Jar or plastic bag in which they are imported, you need to let float on the water of the pond to compensate for possible temperature differences, can lead fish in a state of shock.

What and when to feed the fish? Of course, no potatoes, bread or leftovers from the table. In this case, the pond will soon become a real mess. Usually the fish themselves, find enough food in the water: algae, duckweed, mosquito larvae, and all that lives on the bottom and in the soil. Also some fish feed on other smaller, and caviar. Just arranged pond poor food.

What fish to breed? The answer to this question depends on which region you live in, what the temperature in the pond, how the pond bottom: soft silt or hard-rocky. On the following web pages are the most known representatives of bodies of water, living in stagnant water.

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean sea
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Tropical marine fish
Classification of fish. Fish are the type of chordates, which also includes amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. This type is differently subdivided into taxa of lower rank. The following system…

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