Edward R. o Ricciuti, ichthyologist-lover, scuba diver, author of several popular science publications, a former employee of the new York Zoological society, introduces readers to marine and river animals and…

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Breeding fish in the pond
As a forest should be full of beasts, the pond - fish. Hectares of land may not look full of Paradise without the fish in the pond. For zarabiania ponds…

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Red tail catfish

Phractocephalus red (Phractocephalus hemiliopterus), redtail Catfish or a Red tail catfish – aquarium fish of the family Pimelodovye or flathead catfish.


In Nature, Red tail catfish lives in South America, in the Amazon basin. Such fish often lead the lovers of big fish, also trigger them in public aquariums to attract the attention of visitors. In their homeland, in Colombia and Brazil, this fish is called perrera. These catfish are also bred in commercial purposes for food, although their meat has a dark color.

Appearance and sex differences

Phractocephalus red – very attractive aquarium fish. Its oblong body is a large flat head with large eyes, wide mouth and three pairs of whiskers, two of which adorn the lower jaw of the fish and one upper. In this case two pairs of antennae have long red-tail catfish. These fish have a short adipose fin, a very well-developed. The body color is redtail catfish is pretty interesting, black and white. The caudal fin can have different variations of colours from orange to red. In natural habitat, red-tail catfish grows to a length of 120 cm, in the aquarium these fish are much smaller, but they grow very quickly.


Redtail catfish – aquarium predator, leading nocturnal. It is best to keep in the aquarium one of the catfish. But if you think that one fish is not enough, then over to her other, fairly large individuals. Red-tail catfish is not difficult to tame. It will need a large tank volume of 300 l and dim lighting. The soil will serve as a coarse gravel. It is undesirable to place it in aquarium plants, driftwood and large rocks, as the red tail catfish is a very strong fish, and can use these items to break the glass. If your aquarium has any elements, they must be well secured. Water parameters for keeping redtail catfish should be the following: hardness – 4 to 12°, pH 5.5-7.0; water temperature 22 – 26°C. The necessary conditions are also strong filtration and aeration. The water in the aquarium to replace up to 20% 1 time per week. Feed red-tail catfish need very abundantly, as he will try to eat everything that fits in his mouth. As live food is better to give meat and fish fillets, beef heart, worms. These fish also eat dried and frozen foods.

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