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Clean water is essential for the biological balance in the garden pond. Water quality has a direct impact on the growth and reproduction of plants, the growth of microorganisms and…

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The structure of the pharynx, the feeding of fish.
The structure of the pharynx is also closely linked to feeding habits of fish. As indicated, the number and structure of Gill rakers may be very different — from a…

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The most dangerous and poisonous animals of Russia

The most dangerous and poisonous animals of Russia live near the person. More than half the population of the Russian Federation living on the territory, inhabited by various the most dangerous and poisonous animals of Russia and the most common and renowned are representatives of snake species, a variety of toad, spadefoot toad and the toad, as well as arthropods, represented by spiders and Scorpions.

Representatives poisonous amphibians that settled in the middle lane, belong to the family of true toads, the toad and chesnochnitsu. The European part of Russia were chosen as its habitat the gray toad and the green toad.

Far East was chosen by the Mongolian toad. These animals have venom glands are meant for self-protection against the bites of insects. Secret poisonous toads can “shoot” at a distance of about one meter.

Significant danger to humans is the ingestion of this poison in the mucous membrane of the mouth, the eye, leading to extreme pain. to irritation. It is worth noting that in small doses this substance helps to stimulate respiration and other healing properties.

The most dangerous and poisonous snake in Russia is Cobra and Viper. Their bites before dying up to thirty percent of the victims. The emergence of anti-typhoid serum has allowed to drastically reduce these figures, bringing them to a record one per cent. In the South one can often find common Viper and steppe Viper, Caucasian and Pallasov (common) Copperhead.

Insects from the most probable danger to humans is the common hornet. A large wasp, whose body length reaches sometimes three inches, sometimes of different colors. Most often they are yellow-red or yellow head, black breast, yellow black spotted abdomen. To meet the hornets can all over the territory of the Russian Federation. “Bites” cause burning pain, swelling and inflammation. In Southern there are 13-15 species dangerous to humans Scorpions.

A list of poisonous plants is very impressive, the word “poison” comes from “grass”. Should be more careful when walking with a child on the field or in the woods.