The shark liver oil: instructions for use
Description of vitamin a shark liver oil is intended for informational purposes only. Before using any drug consult your doctor and read the instruction for use. For more information please…

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Red tail catfish
Phractocephalus red (Phractocephalus hemiliopterus), redtail Catfish or a Red tail catfish – aquarium fish of the family Pimelodovye or flathead catfish. Habitat In Nature, Red tail catfish lives in South…

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Marine aquarium and marine aquarium

Portrait Krylatov the mass consciousness of the part of the public aquarium, which has so far avoided a direct clash with the sea, entrenched two extreme view on the sea aquarium. The first one is insanely difficult and scary. The second is the amount of salt dissolved in water can not change anything seriously. However, as always, lies somewhere in the middle and is similar to the following:

Marine aquarium itself isn’t much more complicated freshwater. Both can be practiced at the elementary level, and climbing up into the jungle.

Marine aquarium is fundamentally different from freshwater and freshwater mechanical transfer of concepts, skills and techniques in the marine aquarium leads to fatal consequences.

A saltwater aquarium requires much more powerful, complex and expensive equipment, more complicated and expensive materials than freshwater.

The prices for marine fish, invertebrates and plants are on average much higher than in freshwater.

Accordingly, the settlement of the marine aquarium and the inevitable errors associated with the acquisition of the necessary expertise, be more expensive.

Over the years the development of domestic freshwater aquarium has developed a powerful information field. Numerous books and periodicals, Internet resources and most importantly – the army of hobbyists vehicles of relevant experience. Russian-speaking information field of the marine aquarium looks like a scorched desert with a few oases punk.
On the other hand, in spite of all respect for “presname”, the sea is a window into a completely different scary and fascinating world. The desire to have a marine aquarium at home or in the office rapidly gained popular support.

The sea aquarium. To whom and why?

Tropical ocean – that he gave life to the planet Earth. Millions of cubic kilometers, billions of years at the optimum temperature, and negligible variation of the main parameters. Evolution has not missed the chance and created a coral reef. This exuberant diversity of life found nowhere else. Fish stridently bright colors and amazing shapes. Of course, you can see on TV, but it’s not.

You can learn scuba, buy a ticket and touch, but it is rare and unsafe. Come! We are not a gallery and not a zoo, we are the salon. The unearthly piece of Paradise you can buy and take home. But if You not the leisure to engage in design and maintenance of the aquarium, all we will take care of itself.

Why are You interested in marine aquarium? The answers may be different:

You wealthy person. Are you wondering how to liven up the interior of your apartment or office. Marine aquarium, very popular abroad, especially in the USA, and in Russia there are still very few.

You are a diving fanatic. You are willing to spend hours hanging in the blue under the hiss of unreality lung machine and scream bubbles. For hours and hours!.., well days!.. What about months and years!? If Mohammed cannot go to the ocean, he goes to the Aqua Logo and make a saltwater aquarium. (If you still want unbearably to the ocean – visit the magazine “octopus” ).

You old aquarist and already able to distinguish scalars from the discus. But to stop there is not in Your habits. Want a more bright sensations to friends and said, “Yes! It’s high class…”.

The sea aquarium!!! Yesterday it seemed the inheritance of the caste devoted and there was no hope to penetrate its ranks. Gentlemen!!! Wake up, go to our forum: Club marine, aquarium equipment, synthetic sea salt, medication, tests of Russian and foreign literature, marine fish, invertebrates… nothing is impossible for a person capable of learning. Come and we will be happy to answer Your questions and help you take the first steps and support in the future.

You are a Pro. Do You have a specialty store and/or You are engaged in the design and maintenance of aquariums. Marine aquariums in the showroom of store, services for design and maintenance, sale of marine life and related products. In fact, can You all make that offer today’s client understands the professional level, and about the place Your business occupies in the market of aquarium. By the way, decorated to order marine aquarium, it is, as a rule, and its subsequent paid service. Aqua Logo is one of the largest wholesale aquarium businesses. Discount system, consultations, and training seminars. If required, we will prepare a detailed package for a specific project – from a 50-liter aquarium to aquarium.

Your company or shop selling seafood intended for human consumption. Frozen seafood are not able to satisfy the most demanding taste – we will help improve overexposure and the sale of live oysters, lobster, lobsters, etc. We will make aquariums for sale and keeping of live seafood, train your staff or get their service.

You are a zoo employee or a representative of local authorities – marine akvarelnaja exposure with the sharks and live coral, public aquarium, aquarium is what will attract the audience, will give them new knowledge about wildlife and will help Your city out in a series of similar – it’s what we do best of all other Russian companies – check out our projects , our experience , our possibilities for the production of aquariums , imitation artificial topography , the personnel training system and a unique database on public aquariums and oceanariums in Russia and the world

You are a scientist – the development of marine biology is now unthinkable without the marine aquarium – here You will find everything you need for the experiments, we will help with advice. Aqua Logo in conjunction with Euro-Asian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums organized the first scientific-practical conference PROBLEMS of the MARINE AQUARIUM IN the CIS and is committed to make annual conference – we look forward to Your reports.

You are a naturalist – not by profession (a profession is no more)–. You since the childhood very interesting chat with the “younger brothers” to understand the tricks of Nature. Reef aquarium!!! Can’t concentrate in your room tropical rain forest and coral reef it is!!! Reef aquarium like no other in the richness and diversity of life forms. House reef will amaze You for many years.
Marine aquariums and Aqua Logo

The company Aqua Logo began to engage in design and maintenance of marine aquariums since 1996, Since then we made and decorated hundreds of marine aquarium fish, reef aquariums and marine specialized trading systems for restaurants and shops. In service and on the design of the firm’s more than 1000 marine aquariums that are installed at customers.

Aqua Logo is the best in Russia quarantine-aquariology base. Total sea trade akvarelnaja complex (the largest and most equipped in the entire territory of the former USSR) is more than 50 thousand litres, and is constantly growing. Own production base allows to solve problems of any complexity – from the manufacture of aquariums of various sizes and shapes of acrylic, silicate and triplechannel glass to the manufacture of decorative elements and simulate various types of natural terrain.

Design and maintenance of marine aquariums are constantly busy 30 people from our designers, marine part akvarelnaja Aqua Logo is served by four of the farmers (as appropriate to the work involved and other designers and farmers with appropriate qualifications). Marine training and experience are also sellers of our supermarket managers Aqua salon and wholesale divisions, as well as engineering and management staff. Almost all staff engaged in marine aquariums, have been prepared within the firm.

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