Forward, on predatory fish!
Catching predatory fish in the local waters - it means to be a generalist and use different fishing methods. Be it toothy pike, pike-perch with glass eyes, a large catfish,…

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Salad "gold fish" crackers fish
Want to decorate your Desk, regardless of the celebration or ordinary evening? Salad "gold fish" crackers fish is great for any occasion, but it is better to cook in late…

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Tropical marine fish

Classification of fish. Fish are the type of chordates, which also includes amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. This type is differently subdivided into taxa of lower rank. The following system distinguishes between two subtypes: baccarani (Acrania) deprived of their present head of Department (lancetti), and skull (Craniata), or vertebrates, which include fish. Among the latter there are several subclasses and units.

Type Chordata (chordates)

Subtype Acrania (baccarani)

The class Cephalochordata (Golovanova)

Squad Branchiostomoidea (lancetti)

Subtype Craniata (cranial)

The super class Agnatha (jawless)

Class Marsu pobranchii (melkogalechnye)

Squad Petromyzonoidea (lamprey)

Class Myxini (hagfish)

Squad Myxinoidea (hagfish)

The super class Gnathostomata (jawed)

Class Elasmobranchii (plasminogene)

Subclass Selachii (sharks and rays)

Superorder Selachoidea (sharks)

Squad Heterodontoidea (raznooborazie)

Squad Hexanchoidea (mnogoyarusnyi)

Squad Lamnoidea (lunoobraznye)

Squad Squaloidea (katsanohoria)

Superorder Hypotremata (stingrays)

A detachment of Batoidea (skaloobraznuju)

The class Holocephali (zelenogorova)

Squad Chimaeroidea (hyperoartia)

Class Osteichthyes (bony fish)

Subclass Choanichthyes (hanovia)

Squad Dipnoidea (lungfish)

Squad Crossopterygoidea (lobe-finned)

The subclass Actinopterygii (ray-finned)

Superorder Chondrosteoidea (kostoprav)

Squad Cladistioidea (mnogourovnevye)

Squad Acipenceroidea (sturgeon)

Superorder Holostei (bone ganoid)

Squad Semionotoidea (antimikrobnaya)

Squad Amioidea (nieobecne)

Superorder Teleostei (bony fish)

Squad Isospondyloidea (clupeiformes, or magnopere)

Squad Esociformes (Salobrena)

Squad Bathyclupeoidea (pelagic clupeiformes)

Squad Mormyroidea (clavariaceae)

Squad Ateleopoidea (lozhnopolojitelnaya)

Squad G y anturoidea (gigantomania)

Squad Lyomeroidea (mastorochoria)

Squad Ostariophysoidea (Cypriniformes, or contropotere)

Squad Apodoidea (preobrazenie)

Squad Heteromoidea (spinosaurus)

Squad S y nbranchioidea (literalentry)

Squad S y nentognathoidea (organoborane)

Squad Cyprinodontoidea (carposporophyte)

Squad Salmopercoidea (parapsoriasis)

Squad Berycomorphoidea (berikaoba)

Squad Zeomorphoidea (solnechnogorskii)

Squad Anacanthoidea (trnkobrani)

Squad Thoracostoidea (coloscopie)

Squad Solenichthyoidea (needle-like)

Squad Allotriognathoidea (ophioblennius)

Squad Percomorphoidea (Perciformes)

Squad Scleropareioidea (skoberne)

Squad Cephalacanthoidea (dolgoperiodnye)

Squad Hypostomosoidea (pagesource)