What an amazing predatory fish monkfish?

Monkfish (Lophius piscatoris), or sea Scorpion, from the squad utilitycompany (Lophiiformes) has a repulsive appearance. He has a huge head, which is the half length of all fish, with big sharp-toothed mouth, mercilessly swallowing the prey: conger eel, red mullet, even small sharks and thousands of sea birds. Being a master of disguise, monkfish, with its dark, often mottled, upper part of the body, almost invisible against the bottom of shallow coastal waters, among the rocks, pebbles and fucus. There he usually likes to lie, podkaraulivaya prey. On both sides of the head, on the edge of the jaw and lips fringed hanging shreds of skin, wiggling in the water, like algae. On each side there are wide fins, and on the back of thin spines with nodular thickening at the end, luring the victim. Monkfish is found in many seas, mainly in the Atlantic and the North sea, all the way to Iceland, at depths of 600 m, but during the spawning season, in spring, it can occur at depths up to 800 m. Spawning mainly occurs to the West of the British Isles.

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Monkfish – awesome predatory fish. She lures her victim, shaking in front of his mouth “antenna” on the end of which there is an outgrowth similar to the tasty worm.

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Monkfish also called angler because it has on the nose there is a kind of “bait”. At the end of the “fishing rod” live luminous bacteria. “The flame” sail small denizens of the deep, thinking that here they were waiting for the food. But there it was. Monkfish opens its terrible jaws, and treats are precisely those who expected to feast nicely. Sometimes while hunting monkfish moves very unusual: he jumps on the bottom, pushing the pectoral fins. For this and called it “legway”.

Distinguish the American and European sea devils. European monkfish, occurs off the coast of Europe from the Barents to the Black sea; an American – near America from Newfoundland to Brazil.

Monkfish grows to one and a half to two meters, weighs on average 20 kg. His body flattened on top, and it’s covered with leathery growths, like algae, pieces of driftwood and stones. On the head, behind the eyes, a sea devil is a growth with vitaminsa “flashlight” on the end.

The sea devils are extremely ugly – giant head, giant mouth, bare skin (of all udenstvertne). In the dorsal fin anglerfish 6 rays, of which half are in the head, and these three beams are not connected with each, and is the seventh ray-the fishing rod.

The color of the back of the fish is chocolate-brown, the belly is white.

Monkfish lives in depths from 50 to 200 meters. The sea devils are demersal fish.

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