Fishing in Norway

N Norvegia is a unique country excellent fjords, magnificent mountains, glaciers, colorful lakes and mountain rivers. It has many natural resources. But its main pride is considered waters of Norway. Because they inhabit a large and selective fish.

Local fishermen prefer these types of fishing: sea, river, fjord, lake.

In Norway the most popular sea fishing. But for our anglers for some reason she is little known. But on this fishing trip you can go completely at any time of the year. Because the sea year-round ice-free from Stavanger to tromsø, as it has the warm Gulf stream.

But for the trip to Norway the Norwegian visa required for fishing, the Country is in the Schengen community, and with citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries require a visa. Documents for registration can be submitted at the Visa application centres in Norway in Kiev.

In lake and river fishing is considered a main prey for trout and salmon (salmon), respectively. But, unlike the marine, these types of fishing require a license. But this fact often does not stop the avid fishermen.

So every year from June to August in Norway more than a thousand Rybakova around the world. All they expect to try their luck and have a good rest with your family or friends.

More detail about sea fishing. This type of fishing implies catches of such fish, as Ling, Pollock, Menec, cod, grouper, haddock, mackerel. Also might get lucky and you get a delicious salmon, halibut noble, a hefty catfish, monkfish.

Among other things, water, Norway is rich in mussels, crabs and scallops. Therefore, in any case, sea fishing without a catch, it is simply impossible to stay.

A positive aspect is the fact that such fishing without a license. Under Norwegian law allowed to take 15 kg of fish (fillets) per person.

Real anglers know the main rule is that greed does not paint the man, and the best reward the angler is not so much a big catch as an opportunity to visit the countryside and to feel the excitement of fishing.