General information about fish nutrition
The art of fishing with the simplest of Amateur gear, the ability to use more complex, knowledge of methods, techniques of fishing and suggest a sensible use various natural of…

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Black sea (Pont Evxs)
The greatest length of the Black sea from North to South — 580 km and a maximum depth of 2210 m, the average — 1240 m. the salinity of the…

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known for their sharp #teeth. The locals used the piranha teeth for the manufacture of knives. Piranha Piranha is a dangerous threat! Piranhas live in South American rivers. Fish piranha sharp teeth.Piranhas have powerful jaws. Piranhas grow up to 1 kg. of Carnivorous Piranha – predators eat the wounded fish, piranhas attack larger mammals if those in the water. Signal to the predator of the piranha is the presence of blood in the water, feel the smell of piranhas for a few meters. river monsters predatory piranhas river monsters piranha hungry piranha kill beautiful fish beautiful dangerous piranhas piranhas river monsters piranhas eating piranhas ate the piranha attack piranha kill

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