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Types of aquarium filters
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Goldfish from Asia whether it is really so scary

Goldfish: the life or painful death?. speaking about the conditions of the fish, did the emphasis on fish of Asian origin.

To avoid repetition, I will quote the conditions of trouble-free living goldfish in aquariums just a thesis.

1) How can a larger aquarium. The concept of “too much tank” for Asian goldfish can not be in principle – remember that these fish – out pond a priori.

2) the Aquarium should be biologically stable, soil-living (a must!!) plants, powerful filtration system and water aeration.

3) the default mode for the substitution of water – a quarter of the volume per week, do not get involved with massive changes, confusing them a little, and the result (the split fins and osmotic stress) is unlikely to please the aquarist.

4) Feeding – as diverse as possible, a combination of vegetative, living and dry food. I am a staunch opponent of feeding goldfish exclusively dry food (even “specialized”, which is strongly implanted in only right some manufacturers), and my experience and the experience of “work” goldfish confirms that I am wrong.

5) the water Temperature as close as possible to that which is a priori suited for keeping these fish of: 18 – 23 °C. However, in hot summer of 2010 my fish safely withstand a water temperature of 38.5 °C without a single corpse.

6) Neighbors is to make sure that they were talksalot fish. Believe me, “species” aquarium with goldfish looks very presentable! In any case neighbours goldfish should not be angelfish, swordtails, guppies, barbs, etc.

The Asian aquarium with goldfish. Photo by the author.

In conclusion, I would generally answer the article question: does “terrible” Asian goldfish?

Of course not! It is clear that, unfortunately, in Russia to buy some exclusive fish is practically impossible, it is clear that to Tinker with the “Asian” have a lot, but the main key to the smooth stay of such fish in the aquarium is respectful to them. We need to forget about the “almost unkillable the Karasik”, arrange the fish decent living conditions – and I am sure that it will please Your eyes for a very long time.

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