Dangerous marine life!

In the Black sea there are marine creatures to be aware of every vacationer because they are unsafe for humans.

Stingray or sea cat, fish length up to one meter, grayish-brown or black. In the middle part of the long tail is serrated on both sides of the spine. His punching power is such that it can penetrate the clothing, shoes. A poison that gets into puncture wounds, very toxic and causes a sharp spasmodic pain, drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate, vomiting, and diarrhea. The fish never attack, and uses his weapons only for self-defense. Most often inclined face fishermen, divers, swimmers sometimes.

Sea dragon has a dark body with pale belly. Are poisonous thorn Gill covers and six first rays of the dorsal fin. This small fish (body length 30-45 cm) is the most poisonous inhabitant of the Black sea. She can dig in the ground, exposed on the surface of the head and spines of the dorsal fin. The shot is not fatal, but causes burning, stabbing or oppressive pain. It is very important to remove from a wound fragments of spiny rays. Without the intervention of doctors the pain persists for a long time. Most often suffer from the unpleasant meeting with the dragon anglers, because sometimes the dragon hits the hook and outwardly actinopodidae bulls. Field has no value, but the meat is edible. Especially appreciated the meat dragon in Paris, where a large number of it comes to the markets and restaurants.

Sea bass on the dorsal fin has 13 to 15 sharp beams-spines on the Gill cover spines and a large number of mucous glands. When you shot the venom and mucus are mixed and fall into the wound, causing severe pain and swelling that accompanies the inflammation of the wound. Sea bass is a valuable commercial fish.

Common in the Black sea the Scorpion (people call it marine bristle brush). It lies at the bottom and hunts for live prey. Accidents happen because of careless handling of fish. After the sting of the thorn, the person feels sharp pain. At the site of injury may develop necrosis, so it is best to contact the medical institution. Commercial value of fish has not.

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