Forward, on predatory fish!

Catching predatory fish in the local waters – it means to be a generalist and use different fishing methods. Be it toothy pike, pike-perch with glass eyes, a large catfish, or hunting flocks perch, they all have a lot in common: their favorite food is other fish. You might think that it is enough to attach the hook bait and wait, what of the predatory fish, they will be interested. Today, big pike, perch tomorrow, and the day after acne. But, unfortunately, not so simple. Despite the insatiable appetite of predators, they have their hunting habits and favourite places of residence. While pike lightning attacks the victim from ambush, the perch hunts in small groups. Uses the same tactic and perch, but it is much smaller and the fish on which it preys, has its own characteristics.

Or, for example, som: large specimens can reach a length of over 2 m. this fishes huge mouth, which it can easily swallow a fish weighing over a pound. Acne, prowl, swim near the bottom, where they hunt other aquatic fauna, while actively hunting on the other fish they put on infrequently.

As you can see, different types of predatory fish behave differently. It is logical that the fisherman should be prepared catching specific species of fish. And not only with regard to its behavior, but also from the point of view of the necessary equipment.

Adhering to the classification described in the Chapter about non-predatory fish, like in this case predatirovaniya tackle for this purpose. However, it is not universal for catching predatory fish. Weight big bass can reach 5-6 pounds weight of pike to 20 lbs. If you want to catch a particularly large fish such as catfish, its weight can be 50,60 kg or even more. How can you recommend any particular gear for different weight fish? Moreover, what kind of snap you prefer: float, bottom or artificial bait? For each method requires different gear.

In this section I will first tell you about the different ways of catching predatory fish idam advice on tooling. Large volume is a section about artificial baits, as the market is now a huge selection of artificial baits that are thrown and fed to the fish.

Fishing for predatory fish is not a book sealed with seven seals. Even with a small knowledge, you can achieve considerable success, a pledge that in this type of fishing, as in others, to adapt to a certain fish and to a particular type of reservoir and to apply appropriate methods.