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Salad “gold fish” crackers fish

Want to decorate your Desk, regardless of the celebration or ordinary evening? Salad “gold fish” crackers fish is great for any occasion, but it is better to cook in late autumn or winter, as used to create it, the ingredients home-summer pieces.

We are talking about homemade salt pickles, it is known that saline with his own hands or the hands of a caring grandmother or mother, cucumbers have the best flavor, delicious crunch, which is very handy for the preparation of this salad.

But Women’s website Orekhovo-Zuyevo found on one of the cooking blogs interesting recipe is a marinated cucumber plate. you can try to add in a snack.

What is needed to prepare the salad:

1 jar of any canned fish (saury, tuna, trout depending on your preference

2 medium cloves of garlic

4 pre-cooked eggs

3 medium pickled gherkin from home work

150 g cheese (grated on grater)


crackers in the shape of a fish (out)

to decorate a little red caviar, you can take the analogue of caviar of seaweed, since it is only necessary to make the dish

How to cook salad “gold fish” crackers

All ingredientstablets layers, each coated with mayonnaise.

1 step: open the canned fish and a good mash it with a fork right in the jar, drain about half the juice, place it in a salad bowl (preferably elongated).

Step 2: mash the garlic in chesnokodavilke and mix with tinned fish, spread with mayonnaise – these will constitute the first layer.

Step 3: slice the peeled boiled eggs and place in a salad bowl – this will be the second layer. Do not forget to spread with mayonnaise and them.

Step 4: finely chop in cubes pickles is a component of the third layer, also promazhte mayonnaise.

Step 5: this layer (the fourth) will consist of grated cheese, sprinkle the top with mayonnaise.

Step 6: now arrange the salad on crackers in the shape of a fish, just put their entire surface.

Step 7: decorate the top of salad “Golden fish” eggs, but not as kalmarovye salad with caviar. and separating the heads, tails, scales. That fish turned out to be the eye, can be used in half the chopped olives, and if desired the shape of fish fins complement of cucumber or boiled carrots.