BLACK sea and its inhabitants: who is dangerous to humans?

Fortunately, the really dangerous creatures, meeting with which threatens people severe poisoning, injury or even death, in the Black sea no. But still, one should be wary of some of its inhabitants. For example, in shallow water there is often found kornerot jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo), which has a characteristic dense “dome”. Its stinging cells, located at the mouth of the blades under the dome is quite scorching.

Another major black sea jellyfish – Aurelia, (long-eared jellyfish) many people believe is absolutely safe because of its stinging cells, located on the edges of the dome, much weaker than kornerot, and can not penetrate the skin. However, if a person touches the jellyfish, and then, without washing hands, you RUB your eyes or touch the lips, the tongue, the sensation will be very unpleasant. Although the black sea jellyfish is immeasurably less dangerous than, for example, the infamous “Portuguese ship” (“sea wasp”), it is better not to approach them and, especially, not to touch.

Some Black sea fish dangerous to humans

Large sharks that may present a danger to people in the Black sea not found. The largest black sea shark – Katran, which does not exceed a length of 1 meter. Moreover, it is a very timid fish, very rarely podplyvaya to the shore. However, it can be dangerous for fishermen, vytaskivaya from the water when caught, as in the dorsal fin Katran has sharp poisonous spikes. The injections are very painful.

For swimmers and divers is a danger of marine fish, black sea or the Scorpion. This is a very strange (if not ugly) looking fish in the dorsal fin which, like Katran, located poisonous thorns. At the slightest threat the Scorpion spreads the fin, thereby being protected. Such fish are difficult to detect because it lies between the stones and coloration masking. So it can easily be hurt without noticing it. And the sting of poisonous thorn is very painful. But pain is often the temperature rises, the skin around the injection becomes red and swells. It is recommended to take painkillers and anti-allergic drugs.

The danger to humans in the Black sea can provide and manta rays-the sea vixen and hvostokol (a sea cat). However, they are very shy and try to avoid places where a lot of bathing people.