Edward R. o Ricciuti, ichthyologist-lover, scuba diver, author of several popular science publications, a former employee of the new York Zoological society, introduces readers to marine and river animals and fish that may pose a danger to humans, talks about the features of the hydrosphere and on the adaptation of animal to its environment. Biological information about various types of “sea killers” and the descriptions of their habits accompany the stories about the cases of attacks on humans, as well as tips to avoid collisions with them.

Written simply and emotionally, the book is intended for a wide circle of readers.

Candiru — a small blood-sucking catfish that are embedded in the human body and cause a painful death.

Giant catfish-eater — dweller of the waters of the Danube; at length reaches 4,5 meters and weighs up to 300 pounds.

Poisonous octopus is a tiny creature that fits in the palm of your hand and yet able to kill a man in minutes.

Shark-carcharodon — reaches a length of 11 meters and weighs up to 3 tons; attack people for no apparent reason.

Giant squid — dostigaet length 10 meters; able to drown a small schooner, which happened in 1874.

Gloryhole fish — in Japan they are used for cooking, called “fugu” poisoning and from which each year die dozens of people.

Ciguatera — poisoning, which sometimes becomes very common meat is fish; leads to the fact that victims perceive hot as cold and Vice versa. One naval officer who became a victim of the poisoning, blowing on the ice cream, wanting to kill him.

Sea wasp is a very delicate creation and at the same time the most dangerous of all the inhabitants of the World ocean: its sting causes instant death.

1. Black and white illustrations — from the book, color photographs — from the Internet.

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