Aquarium Marine Zoo

Aquarium & Marine Zoo at Novaya Matsesta is the largest collection of marine animals and fish on the black sea coast. On an area of over 1000 square meters features rare marine life from all continents.

Here you will see the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa – the Hippo and the Nile crocodile. For three years the hippopotamus Frida from eight month old baby turned into a beauty weighing 1.5 tons, is famous for her good disposition and ability to learn.

The South American continent presents unique animals: the penguins of Humboldt. a three-metre black Caiman gosh, bloodthirsty piranhas, the favourite fish of the Indians – arapaima, cichlids, rays motor, iguanas, huge pythons.

Representatives of tropical seas, shark, kids love the clown fish (Nemo), fish, angel and butterfly fish, surgeons and lionfish, fish, foxes and dogs, predators and Moray eels, groupers, sea urchins, sea shrimp, sea anemones and corals of all colors of the rainbow.

In the Aquarium presents fish of the Black sea: stingrays, sturgeon, croakers, mullet, red mullet, sea cocks, famous black sea RAPAN.

The pride of the collection of Aquarium – inhabitants of the Northern seas. This: Northern fur seals, ringed seals, walrus and seal the ribbon. The crowd pleaser – gorgeous walrus Gavryusha, it is 5 years old he has been actively involved with the coach and happy posetitelyami performances. Gavryusha enjoys playing the flute, welcomes visitors “air” kissing, dancing and even learned how to inflate balloons!

Funny the seal – Bonia, Tyson and Bear more kids. but they also successfully train and show the guests of the aquarium their talents. And they are talented in many ways – learned to dance, play with ball and Hoop, to spin and to jump out of the water to applaud the audience. Northern fur seals Lisa and the Marquise is not yet perform in public, but they are very hard working and definitely will delight our guests with their abilities.

Aquarium&Marine Zoo at Novaya Matsesta regularly conducts contests, quizzes and parties for children. Excursion to the Aquarium is a fascinating journey into the world of sea creatures that will appeal to both children and adults.

Especially bright impressions you get from visiting the aquarium during feeding of animals.

The feeding time of the animals

Behemoth: 16:00 daily

Walrus: 10:30, 14:00, 19:30, except Monday.

Penguins: 10:00, 16:30 daily.

Navy seals: 12:00, 17:00, except Monday.

Seals: 11:00, 19:00, except Monday.

Sharks: 13:00 Wednesday, Sunday.

Crocodiles: 14:30 on Sunday

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