Black sea (Pont Evxs)
The greatest length of the Black sea from North to South — 580 km and a maximum depth of 2210 m, the average — 1240 m. the salinity of the…

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General information about fish nutrition
The art of fishing with the simplest of Amateur gear, the ability to use more complex, knowledge of methods, techniques of fishing and suggest a sensible use various natural of…

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Breeding aquarium fish as a business

Business on the breeding of aquarium fish is easy. It is the sale of rare aquarium fish, necessary equipment, food, plants and other things that are required in the process of breeding these animals.

The advantages of business on the breeding of aquarium fish

The almost complete absence of competitors from manufacturers.

Low cost to start business. Prices on aquariums, fishes, equipment and accessories readily available.

No need to rent a space. Breeding aquarium fish can be enjoyed at home.

Ease of doing business. To do they can anyone. Appropriate education is required.

Opportunities for sale: bird markets, pet shops, private persons.

The possibility of additional sources of income: sale of invertebrates, plants, live food.

How to choose fish for breeding?

In this issue we have to consider the following factors:

Before buying the fish, analyze the demand and supply, examine the pet stores in the city.

Do not buy easily bred fish species. They are cheap, in addition to such fish every city in the harsh competition. Sometimes, people freely hand over the fish in the pet stores, so to earn them you will hardly be able.

Do not dilute with lesser known types of fish, as well as those that live in Asia, Australia and India. These fish though are in demand, but is not able to produce offspring.

Please note the following fish, which are quite popular and regularly reproduce: barbs, gold fish, synodontis, and cichlids, notopteridae.

Barb — unpretentious and beautiful fish.

Implementation of fish

Where to sell aquarium fish? There are two most popular destinations:

Sell fishes to private aquarists.

Sell fish to dealers or pet stores.

Business facilities for breeding aquarium fishes

At the initial stage of business need to purchase an aquarium volume of 200-250 liters, and also the necessary equipment.

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