5 most dangerous inhabitants of the sea of Japan and Okinawa

Going to Japan on holiday or for permanent residence, should know and remember about the five most dangerous Japanese sea creatures. Because sooner or later you will want to take a dip in the sea of Japan, especially because there are very picturesque places, where I like to relax not only foreign tourists but also the Japanese themselves.

Now, in Japanese the depths live all sorts of different animals: some of them are quite harmless, but there are also very poisonous. Some of them are so poisonous that if you bite them death occurs almost instantly! Here we will discuss in this video.

In the first place is poisonous Cone. This little creature is very harmless in appearance may sting and kill a man in minutes. The bad news is that the antidote of the Cone does not exist yet. The Japanese escape the fact that the release of infected blood through a cut. However, it is worth to delay only a few minutes and nothing the man will not help!

The second threat of the Japanese sea dweller is a ramp. If you suddenly saw in the water, then run from him as far as possible. Stingrays do not attack, but are actively protected – a lot of people already suffered from them!

The next character is a Japanese sincerity octopus. His poison has no antidote. Unlike the Stingray, he attacks everything near him. Including per person. Therefore, nemateleotris video and remember how it looks beast!

Fourth place was given to the starfish under the name Crown of Thorns. This star is found just off the coast of Japan, therefore it can be found without problems. If you don’t let God step on this star, you should immediately consult a physician. Otherwise, death occurs within sixteen hours.

Last in the list of dangerous inhabitants of the deep sea Japanese – Portuguese Ship. In appearance he is an ordinary jellyfish, but it actually is an excellent killing machine! Receiving a burn from such a small ship, urgent run to the hospital – then you still can be saved!

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