Ponds and reservoirs

Water is an essential element of the garden, decorated in any style. That’s the water surface of the pond, a bubbling stream of a brook or the noise of a waterfall give a finish to the landscape. Even the Japanese masters, matched to a sensitive use of the land, always provided the construction of a reservoir or an imitation thereof from a specially processed materials.

Decorative pond (garden pond) is becoming more commonplace in our homes and in suburban areas, is a great excuse to decorate your home or cottage. Garden ponds can be purely decorative, as well as bathing, i.e. building a swimming pond, you combine two pleasant events: a decorative artificial pond at the site and a pond where you can always swim. To keep Your pond looking clear and beautiful, You will need special equipment for pond – pond filters or filtration systems; for the installation of cascades, streams, waterfalls or special pond pumps or pumps; to combat algal blooms, as well as to improve its biological conditions – UV sterilizers; for enriching water with oxygen – a pond aeration system; the rainy winter months will help to survive the heaters for the pond . Facilitate the care of the pond liquid special chemicals that help to resolve various problems – ranging from the preparation of water for use in pond and zakanchivaetsa with unwanted algae and other types of opacities, so tormenting many fans of waters, the line of chemicals for the reservoir is represented by the following manufacturers: API (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) – Pond Care, Tetra, JBL. Particular attention should be given to a section of decoration and illumination for pond.

For the inhabitants of Your pond can offer a feed for pond fish and KOI from leading brands like JBL, Tetra, Tropical, Hikari. Dispatch of goods in our shop is made throughout Ukraine. Our company offers a wide range of high quality products ( our Juwel aquariums, our cover for the aquarium, these aquarium heaters, aquarium filter and this terrariumistike) with delivery across Ukraine.