Types of aquarium filters
Assuming that novice aquarists often have trouble with choosing the right filter for the aquarium, we present the most popular filter for small and large aquariums. Internal filter Internal filters…

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Aquarium Marine Zoo
Aquarium & Marine Zoo at Novaya Matsesta is the largest collection of marine animals and fish on the black sea coast. On an area of over 1000 square meters features…

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The influence of depth on the bite

Fishing and interesting adventures fishermen can talk endlessly. After all, this is probably the most interesting form of recreation and entertaining, quiet and peaceful work. To visit the countryside, enjoy its endless grace, is the sincere pleasure of man. And agree the nature of our planet should be protected himself, because nature always needs our help, not we in it. True fishermen need to know quite a lot about his hobby. For example, what kind of creatures live in the river you decide to fish behavior fish, what tackle and bait to catch better fish and more. The behaviour of water in lakes in different natural situations. Now talk a little bit what impact has the water level on the bite.

In any lake the water level, it depends on the natural conditions of this region in the broad sense of the understanding. Thus the biting of the fish and its behavior depends on the water level. This problem is very difficult, in one article it is not completely open – but the overall pattern will try to bring you. If the river changes dramatically, the water level, this is for fish a danger signal. Consider the first example. With the onset of summer and hot weather, the river level falls. In large and deep rivers, the water level is less noticeable, but it is very warm and your plymouthrock mining in the pit to escape the heat. Under these conditions, the bite will be more intense in the evening and at night. In this case, use different gear and change the bait.

On small ponds and rivers with this weather the fish are almost always located in the mule at the bottom of the lake. To catch trophies in these terms of seasoned fishermen have the appropriate gear. Fish in these rivers to changes in their level of depth, are used and respond to them almost painlessly. If at shallow river or pond the water level has subsided a couple of inches, it does not affect Kleve. But in deep lakes even with a small decrease in water level, completely stops poklav. If the weather changed to heavy rain and dreams level in all the rivers and lakes increases. The flow in the rivers becomes very rapid, and the water becomes turbid. Such changes in the nature accordingly affect Kleve. In deep rivers the fish come up under the surface. In such cases, you can easily catch the prey in a variety of tackle, depending on its type.