The Cretan aquarium. Among the inhabitants of the depths of the Mediterranean

One of the largest European aquariums, CRETAquarium of Crete is located to the East of Heraklion, between the resorts of Kato Gouves and Kokkini Hani. Visiting the aquarium is an amazing and educational adventure for adults and for kids right here with your own eyes you can see the inhabitants of the deep sea of the Mediterranean.

60 aquariums inhabited by fish of different shapes and colors, seahorses, jellyfish, rays and even sharks. The external design and the bottom in CRETAquarium designed to best match natural sea conditions. Artificially created caves and crevices in the bottom, and also corals, seaweed and special lighting give the visitors the feel of a real stay at the bottom of the sea. Almost 2 million litres of seawater are home to 2.5 thousand animals (250 species), for life which you can observe with 100 different points. On average, to inspect all the rooms, will take about 2 hours.

Cretaquarium is part of the Hellenic centre for marine research. Here are actively engaged in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on marine life of the Mediterranean and the seas of Greece, developed their own curriculum. To conduct excursive CRETAquarium use the latest systems and technologies: there are audio guides – both individual and group, with tours in 9 languages, including Russian; video projectors, information points with touch screens, microscopes and stereoscopes for observing tiny organisms. Employees spend CRETAquarium visitors guided tours in Greek, English and French, as well as some others by appointment.

In high season (may to September), CRETAquarium is open from 9:30 to 21:00 . and from October to April before 17:00. Ticket price (as of December 2013) – 6 Euro per adult, children under 5 years free (prices change periodically, to check them on the website of the aquarium). The audio guide fee is 3 euros.

Those who came to the aquarium from a distance or just tired after the tour, you can enjoy a meal at the cafe around the aquarium. There is also a shop where you can buy Souvenirs and informative books about marine life, toys, decorations, cards and calendars with photo taken in the aquarium.