Goldfish in the pond

Valuehost (Carassius auratus)

A distant ancestor of the goldfish – common goldfish that live in marshy lakes and ponds in East Asia.

Distinctive features

Body length up to 20 cm rounded Body, with a long veil fins. The color is orange, red, black or spotted. Through many years of breeding hobbyists of the Ancient East were able to deduce many beautiful varieties of goldfish. Among them: telescopes, veiltail, celestial eye, or the astrologer, comets, livingonlove, shubunkin and others. They differ from each other by body shape, fins, color and have long since lost the appearance of a carp.

The content

For keeping and breeding goldfish for a spacious aquarium with well-aerated water. The temperature should not exceed 20 0 C. When the temperature dramatically reduced the content of oxygen in the Continue reading


Edward R. o Ricciuti, ichthyologist-lover, scuba diver, author of several popular science publications, a former employee of the new York Zoological society, introduces readers to marine and river animals and fish that may pose a danger to humans, talks about the features of the hydrosphere and on the adaptation of animal to its environment. Biological information about various types of “sea killers” and the descriptions of their habits accompany the stories about the cases of attacks on humans, as well as tips to avoid collisions with them.

Written simply and emotionally, the book is intended for a wide circle of readers.

Candiru — a small blood-sucking catfish that are embedded in the human body and cause a painful death.

Giant catfish-eater — dweller of the waters of the Danube; at length reaches 4,5 meters and weighs up to 300 pounds. Continue reading

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean sea

Croatia is a beautiful country. Besides, today it is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Both flora, fauna, climate, and population, are unlikely to cause trouble for the tourists, but still some features of this country, you should learn more before you travel. “Forewarned is forearmed”…
Rest for many of us is the most anticipated and important event of the year. We go to hot countries or cultural trip, to forget about everyday troubles, to change the boring work environment, gain new experiences and strength. It is therefore essential that the holiday was a success and was not marred with troubles and health problems.
Dangerous creatures in the Mediterranean sea that can damage the person, unit, anyway, much less than in tropical seas. Threat to meet up with a shark so rare that for many years none of the areas of the Mediterranean, even in the most solitary places, none of descending under the water did not see any. However, sometimes even quite innocent looking animals may pose a danger to humans.
To exaggerate this danger, we will not, but will try to familiarize you with the problems that can occur when too close contact with sea inhabitants. Continue reading

Aquarium Marine Zoo

Aquarium & Marine Zoo at Novaya Matsesta is the largest collection of marine animals and fish on the black sea coast. On an area of over 1000 square meters features rare marine life from all continents.

Here you will see the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa – the Hippo and the Nile crocodile. For three years the hippopotamus Frida from eight month old baby turned into a beauty weighing 1.5 tons, is famous for her good disposition and ability to learn.

The South American continent presents unique animals: the penguins of Humboldt. a three-metre black Caiman gosh, bloodthirsty piranhas, the favourite fish of the Indians – arapaima, cichlids, rays motor, iguanas, huge pythons.

Representatives of tropical seas, shark, kids love the clown fish (Nemo), fish, angel and butterfly fish, surgeons and lionfish, fish, foxes and dogs, predators and Moray eels, groupers, sea urchins, sea shrimp, sea anemones and corals of all colors of the rainbow. Continue reading

Breeding aquarium fish as a business

Business on the breeding of aquarium fish is easy. It is the sale of rare aquarium fish, necessary equipment, food, plants and other things that are required in the process of breeding these animals.

The advantages of business on the breeding of aquarium fish

The almost complete absence of competitors from manufacturers.

Low cost to start business. Prices on aquariums, fishes, equipment and accessories readily available.

No need to rent a space. Breeding aquarium fish can be enjoyed at home.

Ease of doing business. To do they can anyone. Appropriate education is required.

Opportunities for sale: bird markets, pet shops, private persons. Continue reading