Goldfish in the pond

Goldfish from Asia whether it is really so scary

Goldfish: the life or painful death?. speaking about the conditions of the fish, did the emphasis on fish of Asian origin.

To avoid repetition, I will quote the conditions of trouble-free living goldfish in aquariums just a thesis.

1) How can a larger aquarium. The concept of “too much tank” for Asian goldfish can not be in principle – remember that these fish – out pond a priori.

2) the Aquarium should be biologically stable, soil-living (a must!!) plants, powerful filtration system and water aeration.

3) the default mode for the substitution of water – a quarter of the volume per week, do not get involved with massive changes, confusing them a little, and the result (the split fins and osmotic stress) is unlikely to please the aquarist. Continue reading

Dangerous marine life!

In the Black sea there are marine creatures to be aware of every vacationer because they are unsafe for humans.

Stingray or sea cat, fish length up to one meter, grayish-brown or black. In the middle part of the long tail is serrated on both sides of the spine. His punching power is such that it can penetrate the clothing, shoes. A poison that gets into puncture wounds, very toxic and causes a sharp spasmodic pain, drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate, vomiting, and diarrhea. The fish never attack, and uses his weapons only for self-defense. Most often inclined face fishermen, divers, swimmers sometimes.

Sea dragon has a dark body with pale belly. Are poisonous thorn Gill covers and six first rays of the dorsal fin. This small fish (body length 30-45 cm) is the most poisonous inhabitant of the Black sea. She can dig in the ground, exposed on the surface of the head and spines of the dorsal fin. Continue reading

Forward, on predatory fish!

Catching predatory fish in the local waters – it means to be a generalist and use different fishing methods. Be it toothy pike, pike-perch with glass eyes, a large catfish, or hunting flocks perch, they all have a lot in common: their favorite food is other fish. You might think that it is enough to attach the hook bait and wait, what of the predatory fish, they will be interested. Today, big pike, perch tomorrow, and the day after acne. But, unfortunately, not so simple. Despite the insatiable appetite of predators, they have their hunting habits and favourite places of residence. While pike lightning attacks the victim from ambush, the perch hunts in small groups. Uses the same tactic and perch, but it is much smaller and the fish on which it preys, has its own characteristics.

Or, for example, som: large specimens can reach a length of over 2 m. this fishes huge mouth, which it can easily swallow a fish weighing over a pound. Acne, prowl, swim near the bottom, where they hunt other aquatic fauna, while actively hunting on the other fish they put on infrequently. Continue reading

Salad “gold fish” crackers fish

Want to decorate your Desk, regardless of the celebration or ordinary evening? Salad “gold fish” crackers fish is great for any occasion, but it is better to cook in late autumn or winter, as used to create it, the ingredients home-summer pieces.

We are talking about homemade salt pickles, it is known that saline with his own hands or the hands of a caring grandmother or mother, cucumbers have the best flavor, delicious crunch, which is very handy for the preparation of this salad.

But Women’s website Orekhovo-Zuyevo found on one of the cooking blogs interesting recipe is a marinated cucumber plate. you can try to add in a snack.

What is needed to prepare the salad:

1 jar of any canned fish (saury, tuna, trout depending on your preference Continue reading

BLACK sea and its inhabitants: who is dangerous to humans?

Fortunately, the really dangerous creatures, meeting with which threatens people severe poisoning, injury or even death, in the Black sea no. But still, one should be wary of some of its inhabitants. For example, in shallow water there is often found kornerot jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo), which has a characteristic dense “dome”. Its stinging cells, located at the mouth of the blades under the dome is quite scorching.

Another major black sea jellyfish – Aurelia, (long-eared jellyfish) many people believe is absolutely safe because of its stinging cells, located on the edges of the dome, much weaker than kornerot, and can not penetrate the skin. However, if a person touches the jellyfish, and then, without washing hands, you RUB your eyes or touch the lips, the tongue, the sensation will be very unpleasant. Although the black sea jellyfish is immeasurably less dangerous than, for example, the infamous “Portuguese ship” (“sea wasp”), it is better not to approach them and, especially, not to touch. Continue reading