How do I Choose Compatible Tropical fish?
The best way to choose compatible tropical fish is to start doing some research. Information about which species are compatible, easily accessible, reading books, researching online or asking at a…

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Edward R. o Ricciuti, ichthyologist-lover, scuba diver, author of several popular science publications, a former employee of the new York Zoological society, introduces readers to marine and river animals and…

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Artificial ponds

“The trade of fish native case of thieves. And therefore, the salary for them to put miserable, but to hang one in the year that others do not want.”

An artificial pond for breeding fish.

However, the creation of artificial water bodies (ponds) for breeding fish in home gardens has become a very popular hobby in recent years, and our firm is very actively developing this area of its activities, with qualified specialists in this field.

The pond, unlike lake is a water body of artificial origin.

The types of ponds can be divided into flowing and isolated, which in turn conventionally divided into fishing and no fish, but aquatic vegetation (the already and the other is pools). Continue reading

Marine aquarium and marine aquarium

Portrait Krylatov the mass consciousness of the part of the public aquarium, which has so far avoided a direct clash with the sea, entrenched two extreme view on the sea aquarium. The first one is insanely difficult and scary. The second is the amount of salt dissolved in water can not change anything seriously. However, as always, lies somewhere in the middle and is similar to the following:

Marine aquarium itself isn’t much more complicated freshwater. Both can be practiced at the elementary level, and climbing up into the jungle.

Marine aquarium is fundamentally different from freshwater and freshwater mechanical transfer of concepts, skills and techniques in the marine aquarium leads to fatal consequences.

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Forward, on predatory fish!

Catching predatory fish in the local waters – it means to be a generalist and use different fishing methods. Be it toothy pike, pike-perch with glass eyes, a large catfish, or hunting flocks perch, they all have a lot in common: their favorite food is other fish. You might think that it is enough to attach the hook bait and wait, what of the predatory fish, they will be interested. Today, big pike, perch tomorrow, and the day after acne. But, unfortunately, not so simple. Despite the insatiable appetite of predators, they have their hunting habits and favourite places of residence. While pike lightning attacks the victim from ambush, the perch hunts in small groups. Uses the same tactic and perch, but it is much smaller and the fish on which it preys, has its own characteristics.

Or, for example, som: large specimens can reach a length of over 2 m. this fishes huge mouth, which it can easily swallow a fish weighing over a pound. Acne, prowl, swim near the bottom, where they hunt other aquatic fauna, while actively hunting on the other fish they put on infrequently. Continue reading

Mutually beneficial relationship of the deep sea
Like many animals living on land, the denizens of the deep need in each other. These bright yellow fish offer their services to many beings sharing their marine habitat. Sea…


Interesting facts about the Mediterranean sea
A cruise in the Mediterranean sea is very popular with tourists. This is an opportunity to visit several countries in one vacation. Here are some interesting facts about the Mediterranean…

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